English as Second Language (ESL) is a subject intended for beginner and intermediate level ESL learners to acquire the fundamental elements of the English language. ESL classes take a closer look at how sentences are formed and English expressions are used in various everyday situations.

The intensive ESL program at Fountain International School is a 4-5 hour long English language instruction per day, which focuses on themes that provide vocabulary words that will enable students to interact with people on a daily basis. Some of the topics include food, health, clothing, weather, vacation, travel, transportation, etc.

The program focuses on developing the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of the students in a holistic manner. The reading program focuses on understanding and responding to newspaper articles and online blogs, as well as summarizing narratives and different kinds of reading materials. The writing program enhances the students writing skills by teaching them various forms of writing such as informal and formal letter writing, newspaper articles, magazine articles, resumes, and cover letters. The listening program uses audio recordings of various topics, while the speaking program helps students communicate their opinions and immediate concerns. Practical use of the language is an utmost priority of the program. Therefore, real-life scenarios are enacted via role-plays, dialogues, simulations, and debates.

In addition, hands-on, interactive activities that target multiple intelligence are also utilized, so that students will retain information for a longer period of time. Students learn the culture of English-speaking countries as well via discussions, videos, news broadcasts, and other teaching materials.


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