Warm greetings and welcome to Fountain International School!

We at Fountain are proud of our school. Situated at the heart of bustling Metro Manila, Fountain has grown from humble beginnings and continues to strive for excellence not only in our educational programs but also in forming men and women of competence and compassion. At Fountain, we take pride in the abilities of our students and academic staff who all work tirelessly to make Fountain not only a great academic institution but also a community of friends and colleagues who embody the spirit of lifelong learning.
At Fountain, we offer a rigorous and inspiring community that offers boys and girls between 12-18 years of age an opportunity to hone their skills, talents, and knowledge so that they can be the best that they can be.
Through teaching of the highest caliber, our students are encouraged to think creatively and critically. They are challenged to find new and exciting ways to learn and create meaning from their understanding. Our students celebrate each other’s uniqueness and learn from each other’s strengths so that they all learn from each other and excel in their chosen fields of interest.
Aside from this, the school also encourages well-roundedness by providing opportunities for student-athletes to train and bring honor to our school. Fountain also provides after school activities that complement students’ learning in the classroom so that students can apply their skills and knowledge to other endeavors.
The supportive and faculty and staff at the school promote not only the development of the mind and body but also of the heart through values education and community events that foster togetherness and values formation and compassion for others.
Fountain is committed to developing students who are communicative, expressive, creative, critical, and well-versed in the use of technology so that they may face the challenges of the new millennium head on. These characteristics are inherent in all graduates of Fountain.
We encourage everyone who is interested to come visit us at our campus to learn more about our commitment to excellence and care. We hope to see you soon!

School Director

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