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I feel that during the years that I’ve been in FIS, I’ve grown emotionally and learned so much about myself. I feel so lucky to be in this school because of the people I’ve met, field trips I attended, and things I’ve experienced here. To be completely honest, for all the drama and laughter, I wouldn’t trade a single one of those moments for something different.

Hasya Nilan Petranto (Indonesia)

It was in 2013 when I first arrived in the Philippines and went to FIS. It was the first time in my life that I experienced school life with friends of different nationalities. At first, I was nervous because I was afraid that I might not understand the lesson and may not make friends because I was not good in English. Fortunately, thanks to my friends and teachers at FIS, I was able to adjust to the new environment. I really cannot imagine my High School life without these people.

Shin Eun Ji (South Korea)

High School life has been really fun. I liked and enjoyed student life here especially because I got to be with my friends. It was so fun working with the people from this school. The overnight camping was awesome! I had a great time talking to and bonding with my classmates and schoolmates.

Dmitri Tunic (Ukraine)

Studying away from my family was a big challenge but FIS has become my second family. I just can’t begin to explain how much I love my friends and my teachers. I have discovered myself here in school —my talents, my skills.


Fountain International School has been a great place for me to grow both intellectually and emotionally. I created lasting friendships here and found happiness and inspiration in this school. Thanks to the wonderful people from FIS — my classmates, schoolmates, and teachers

Kana Takizawa (Japan)

Studying here has encouraged me to work really hard to the best of my ability. I remember I had a hard time catching up when I started here but with the help and support of my teachers and classmates, I gradually adjusted to the course load. Without the bond that I made with them, High School life would not be as meaningful. I will cherish them for the rest of my life. ​

Kristen Atanteora (Kiribati)

When I first stepped into FIS, I was so scared. I was afraid of being an outcast. I thought I wouldn’t fit in. But as I progressed in school, my fear slowly disappeared. I met wonderful people who became my friends. High School life became so fun and meaningful. I completely stopped worrying.

Mickey Dealo (Philippines)

I came to FIS in Grade 10 and there was not a single moment I regretted this decision. Here, teachers and students together create motivating and friendly atmosphere where hardest tasks becomes enjoyable. 3 years of studies in this school taught me more about myself and the world around me so much I can hardly describe it with words. Here I found my life-lasting friends and my passion for Physics.

I will definitely never forget this amazing experience and people who surrounded me.

Daria Sergeeva (Russia)

It was a fun time in FIS and I wished I could have visited more often. I learned a lot from all of my teachers and have interacted with foreign students where I learned a little of their language. A lot of changes may happen in FIS after I graduated but I am sure that the next generation of Fountaineers will enjoy their time while learning.

Brandon Austin Uy(Philippines)

My time in FIS had been refreshing and had led me to learn new things that I couldn’t have learned in my hometown. For one, I’ve met many different people, teachers and schoolmates combined, each with lessons they had to teach me not only in preparation for school, but for life too. I really relish my time staying there, and I feel so blessed meeting certain people within the FIS community.

Vince Cesar Cabalona (Philippines)

Moving to a new school will always be a daunting experience. I remember being a timid thirteen year old girl, who just moved to the Philippines in the middle of an academic year. The pressure and anxiety to make a good impression, both socially and academically, was quite an unsettling feeling. However, with the right type of environment, like that of FIS, all those worries wavered away.

Although average high schools with massive campuses may seem appealing, the beauty of Fountain International School lies within its little community. This uniqueness is what gave me the opportunity to make friends for life, as well as experience hands-on learning to get into the university of my dream. It also played an immense role in molding me into the person I am today.

So come join our family! You won’t regret it; I know I didn’t.


Jeenan Al Bahri (Philippines)
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