In Secondary School, extracurricular activities are regarded as ongoing activities that aim at providing opportunities to improve on the areas of the students’ interests. Therefore, while these opportunities address a range of interests to the students, the number of activities is kept to a minimum so the school can provide more specialized education.

Here are some examples of what the secondary students have been offered:

1. Student Organizations / Clubs

FIS offers organizations/clubs to provide a venue for students to identify and apply their special interests and talents. As a supplement to classroom learning, the students develop further their critical and analytical thinking as they venture into the different activities each club offers. Clubs for academics, non-academic subjects, and co-curricular areas are offered and are facilitated by the teachers.

2. Sports Program

Aside from academic programs, FIS aims to develop holistic learning by engaging students in various sports activities. In 4 hours a week, students undergo physical training to develop motor and social skills and to instill the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

3. Student Publication

The FIS Daily Sitch is the official publication of the school which serves as a medium by which the literary, journalistic, and artistic talents, skills, and creativity of the students are manifested and recognized.

 4. Educational Exposure Trips and Off-Campus Activities

Local and International Educational Exposure trips and Off-Campus Activities are supplementary and complementary to classroom learning. It concretizes important curricular objectives by way of allowing the students to experience and discover the environment and its elements beyond the four walls of their classrooms.

An Educational Trip or an Off-Campus Activity is an official school function, therefore, early notification shall be sent to parents by the Principal via a circular/letter indicating the details of the trip or activity.

Likewise, it provides a reply slip where parents need to sign as an acknowledgment that their child has their permission to join the activity which will be submitted to the Class Adviser. A student who fails to submit a signed reply slip shall not be permitted to join the trip.

All students are required to attend all local educational trips and are therefore obliged to pay the corresponding fees.

 5. National and International Academic Competitions

The school prides itself on the competence to train students enabling them to compete in various academic competitions on a national and international level. Qualified and interested students undergo comprehensive training and are sent to represent the school and the country.

7. Music Festival (Rock Fest) and FIS Musical

FIS Rock Fest provides students a platform to express themselves through their musical ability. This provides opportunities for students to perform in a group and assume roles as lead vocals, instrumentalists, or even musical composers. Meanwhile, FIS Musical is a day of music, dancing and singing as students perform a selection of songs and combine it with acting and beautiful choreography. This event presents different themes every year.

 8. Sports Fest and Family Day

In this annual event, all students are given equal opportunities to participate in friendly sport competitions and develop in them the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Along with this is the FIS Family Day wherein parents are all welcome to join activities together with their children to build and foster family ties.

9. Subject Culminating Activity

Subject Culminating Activity is a summary exercise that takes place at the end of a task sequence that requires students to use all the information that they have gained throughout a particular subject. Students are given independent and group tasks and are responsible in producing a concrete end product.

 10. Overnights

Overnight is a supplemental activity during which students leave the school grounds to engage in different stimulating activities. This activity holds the purpose of strengthening student and teacher relationships as well as learning skills in an outdoor setting.

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