Extra Curricular

Being an elementary student at a Cambridge-affiliated school like Fountain International School means having continuous growth and learning. In this stage, the importance of diverse clubs and extracurricular activities is to help students thrive in a harmonious and academic environment where the freedom to express and constantly learn new things is an achievable feat.

Through these clubs and activities, students are able to learn the value of social responsibility, accountability, teamwork, initiative, and creativity, all of which are essential to learning in the fast-paced reality that the 21st-century environment brings.

Ranging from the arts to making subjects more fun, here are the clubs and extracurricular activities in the elementary division:

  • Sports clubs (Basketball Club, Football Club, etc.)
  • Interest clubs (Glee Club, Poetry Club, Drama Club, Arts and Crafts Club, etc.)
  • Organized student organizations (The Blue Silhouette, Supreme Pupil Government, etc.)
Online Activities
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