Dearest Fountain Students and Alumnus,

Since 2006, our school has provided graduates with success, both globally and locally. Through the academic pillars of knowledge, creativity, unity and strength, our global Alumni network is continuously growing and can be reachable across 30 countries.

At Fountain respect for each other and to uphold the importance of diversity regardless of religion, culture and ethnicity is a value we have shared together while learning. Through extracurricular activities and multi-cultural events, our academic culture has always been rich and distinct.

In the past few years, we have become more active in engaging the entire school through numerous programs and unions.

Alumni, as you all pursue greater heights and achievements in life, you always have a home to return to here at Fountain. We invite you to become a part and join our Facebook group for more updates regrading our school and to connect with our current students and other Alumni.

We look forward to your next steps as you achieve the best in life.                        

Truly yours,

Alumni Coordinator

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