FIS believes in the value of patience and hard work. When a student is seen with potential, the school is always set to train and bring out the best in the student. These potential students are trained by specialized teachers to compete, so they gain local and international exposures.

As a result, FIS consistently produces student achievers who excel in competitions such as Genius Olympiad and World Scholar’s Cup.

FIS Elementary School Achievements

Local Competitions

1. Metrobank MTAP DepEd Math Challenge, DepEd Regional Office, San Juan City (2015, 2016, 2017)

3rd Place

 2. Regional Science Writing, DepEd, Quezon City (2018)

1st Place

 3. Regional Newspaper in English, DepEd San Juan City (2018)

1st Place

4. Regional Photo Journalism, DepEd San Juan City (2018)

3rd Place

5. Regional Science News in English, DepEd San Juan City, (2018)

2nd Place

6. Regional Editorial in English, DepEd San Juan City (2016)

2nd Place

 International Competitions

 1. Pan-Asia Math Olympiad, Bangkok, Thailand (2018)

Bronze and Silver Medals

FIS High School Achievements

Local Competitions

Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge, (2017) Division Finals

2nd and 3rd

Individual Category Top 2, 3 and 4


1st Place Robot Sumo Challenge

3rd Place Robot Race Challenge

2nd Place Overall

International Competitions

International Eduversal Mathematics Competition (2020)

Silver Medals, Bronze Medals and Honorable Mention


Pan-Asia International Online Math Challenge (2020)

Silver Medals, Bronze Medals and Honorable Mention

 Pan-Asia International Robotics Challenge, Bangkok, Thailand (2020)

Bronze Medals

 Pan-Asia International Math Challenge, Bangkok, Thailand (2020)

(2020) Bronze Medal (Individual) and 3rd Runner-up (Team Category)

(2019) Bronze Medal and Honorable Mention

(2017) Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

 Australian Mathematics Competition, Manila, Philippines (2016)

Distinction Awardees and Credit Awardees

International Mathematics Competition, Singapore (2016)

Merit Awardee

GENIUS Olympiad, SUNY Oswego New York, USA

(2019) Silver and Bronze Medals

(2018) Gold Medal

(2017) Bronze and Gold Medals


World Scholar’s Cup, Philippines

(2018) Global Round Qualifier

(2019) Global Round Qualifier


World Scholar’s Cup, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2018)

Tournament of Champions Qualifier

Top 8th Debater

International Psychology Essay Competition, Jakarta, Indonesia (2020)

3rd Place, Top 15, and Best Analogy Essay

WEMUN Expo, Beijing, China (2018)

Best Position Paper and Honorable Mention


Harvard Model United Nations, Massachusetts, USA (2020)



Yale Model United Nations XLIV, Yale University, CT, USA (2018)


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