About Us

FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a private, non-sectarian educational institution which welcomes pre-school, grade school and high school students from diverse cultures, race and religion. It is a CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL offering courses on Secondary 1, Secondary 2 IGCSE and A/AS Level.

The school curriculum complies with the basic and secondary education minimum learning competencies required by the Department of Education and is enriched with higher level objectives in Science, Math and English. The school is currently in the process of applying for Council of International Schools (CIS) membership. It has recently become a Full Member of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). A modular approach to learning is used especially in Science and Math to ensure effective and in-depth learning.


European and Singaporean published textbooks are utilized to support the independent concept learning and enhance further the acquisition of knowledge of the students. Moreover, the small class size benefits greatly the teacher-student interaction since a class has only a maximum of 16 students in the high school department. Our faculty is composed of highly qualified and licensed teachers from the Philippines, England, Turkey, India, United Kingdom and USA. The school year starts in August and ends in May.


Our co-curricular offerings include various clubs and organizations; local and international educational trips and in-school, inter-school and international science and math competitions to name a few. Likewise, subject area-based activities are undertaken to enhance classroom learning through hands-on activities such as: exhibits, short plays, programs, sports festivals, wherein students are given the opportunity to display their talents other than their academic prowess. Furthermore, student discipline at FIS is approached by providing a clear-cut policy on behavioral expectations and boundaries to encourage positive student behavior.


The school also recognizes the value of parent involvement in the education of the students as the school’s co-partners. In this light, regular conferences and home visitations are held with parents so that they are abreast with information regarding their children’s academic performance and conduct. An annual Family Day is celebrated to uphold the importance of positive and healthy ties among family members and the school community in the lives of every student.


The school’s comprehensive educational programs which foster high academic direction, discipline and standards and its positive approach to all teaching-learning processes assure a bright and successful future for our students.

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