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Hasya Nilan Petranto (Indonesia)

I feel that during the years that I’ve been in FIS, I’ve grown emotionally and learned so much about myself. I feel so lucky to be in this school because of the people I’ve met, field trips I attended, and things I’ve experienced here. To be completely honest, for all the drama and laughter, I wouldn’t trade a single one of those moments for something different.

Shin Eun Ji (Korea)

It was in 2013 when I first arrived in the Philippines and went to FIS. It was the first time in my life that I experienced school life with friends of different nationalities. At first, I was nervous because I was afraid that I might not understand the lesson and may not make friends because I was not good in English. Fortunately, thanks to my friends and teachers at FIS, I was able to adjust to the new environment. I really cannot imagine my High School life without these people.

Dmitri Tunic (Ukranian)

High School life has been really fun. I liked and enjoyed student life here especially because I got to be with my friends. It was so fun working with the people from this school. The overnight camping was awesome! I had a great time talking to and bonding with my classmates and schoolmates.

Kana Takizawa (Japan)

Fountain International School has been a great place for me to grow both intellectually and emotionally. I created lasting friendships here and found happiness and inspiration in this school. Thanks to the wonderful people from FIS — my classmates, schoolmates, and teachers.

Kristen Atanteora (Kiribati)

Studying here has encouraged me to work really hard to the best of my ability. I remember I had a hard time catching up when I started here but with the help and support of my teachers and classmates, I gradually adjusted to the course load. Without the bond that I made with them, High School life would not be as meaningful. I will cherish them for the rest of my life. ​

Mickey Dealo (Philippines)

When I first stepped into FIS, I was so scared. I was afraid of being an outcast. I thought I wouldn’t fit in. But as I progressed in school, my fear slowly disappeared. I met wonderful people who became my friends. High School life became so fun and meaningful. I completely stopped worrying.

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