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Extra Curricular

Elementary is a period of continuous growth and learning. In this stage, the importance of clubs and extracurricular activities is to help students thrive in a harmonious and academic environment where the freedom to express and constantly learn new things is an achievable feat.

Ranging from the arts to making subjects more fun, here are the clubs and extracurricular activities in the elementary division:

Club Name


Spelling Bee

Spelling bees are more than words: amidst the tension and competition, it's teamwork, improved language and social skills at play.

Math Fun Games

Who says Math can't be fun? Through paired and group activities, games and mock competitions, students can develop their skill and knowledge in terms of problem solving and logic comprehension.

Performing Arts

Performing arts spell creativity and imagination for students. Covering areas such as dance, music, theater and visual arts, students are able to express and discover more about themselves through a series of artistic activities. 

Arts and Handicrafts

In a creative and innovative environment, students can share their mutual interest with arts and handicrafts with other groups through hands-on and fun-filled experiences. In this manner, students can create not just crafts, but harmony with others as well. 


Words are a double-edged sword and must be honed properly. Aspiring and promising writers can learn responsible journalism through hand-and-hand broadcasting and modern desktop publishing. The activities will arm students to succeed despite the challenges digital era brings. 


A game of chess a day aids Grades 1 to 6 students to grow their analyzation, concentration and logic skills. 

HypicX Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. HypicX introduces the art of photography as a visual language. Students can learn and explore fundamental skills and mechanics in capturing images while they "collect moments" along the way.


Enhanced athletic capabilities are best achieved through consecutive recreational and competitive gymnastics. Students can have fun while putting their physical talents into action. 


After school, programs such as Taekwondo assists Grades 1 to 6 students with self-defense techniques together with developing their body balance, speed and self-control conditions.

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