Fountain International School

Pillars of Fountain

As an accredited Cambridge International School, we offer a comprehensive educational program to enhance students’ academic prowess, thereby, allowing them to be globally competitive. We encourage them to take part in numerous activities that challenge their minds, stimulate them to think critically, and enable them to explore knowledge.

We want our students to be the best they can be. Whether it’s in the field of music, dancing, art or writing, we have diverse programs available wherein they are given the opportunity to pursue their interests and showcase their talents.

At Fountain, no one is an outcast. We strive to create a positive environment where everyone feels at home and is treated like family – regardless of his or her background, race or ethnicity. Different socio-cultural events are held to foster camaraderie, promote unity, and allow students to appreciate different cultures and communities.

At Fountain, we ensure that our students are not only academically motivated, but are also physically competent and confident. After school programs (ASPs) and various recreational sports are available to instill in them a love of activity. That way, we help them become fit, alert and active while at the same time having fun.

What makes our school special?

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